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        Shanghai Pudong Airport Guide to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)


        Find the most important information about 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Shanghai Pudong Airport炉石传说圣骑士皮肤: Flights (Departures, Arrivals), Parking, Car Rentals, Hotels near the airport and other information about 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)炉石传说圣骑士皮肤. Plan your travel to 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤PVG Airport炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 with the information provided in this guide.


        Jointly with 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Pudong Airport炉石传说圣骑士皮肤, Hongqiao Airport serves the city of Shanghai. Hongqiao is in charge of domestic and regional flights.


        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Shanghai Pudong Airport 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤registered炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 76 million passengers炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 in 2019.


        Shanghai Airport has two terminals:

        Terminal 1

        Terminal 2

        Aside of these terminals, there is a Satellite Concourse with 83 gates divided in two sections: S1 and S2.


        It is possible to transfer between terminals by a shuttle bus service.

        Operating hours: 06:00 am to 00:00 am, with 10 a minutes’ frequency.

        Satellite concourses S1 and S2 are linked to both terminals by a people mover.


        - It is located about 30 kilometres (19 miles) east of the city center of Shanghai

        - Has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

        - Currently has four runways

        - It handled over 79 million passengers in 2019


        See below more information about the transportation options from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the city and other sites around: 

        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 There are different bus services which depart from Shanghai Airport to several destinations. 
        See more information

        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 Taxi at Shanghai Airport is available for all passengers to Shanghai or any other destination. 
        See more information

        Maglev Train: 
        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Shanghai Airport has the first high-speed maglev railway (commercial) in the world. It gets to city centre in just 8 minutes. 
        See more information

        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Metro Line 2 links Shanghai Airport and Longyang Road, Lujiazui, People’s Square and Hongqiao International Airport.
        See more information

        Car Rental: 
        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Renting a car in Shanghai Pudong Airport is a good idea to move around. Check our search engine for further details!
        See more information


        At Shanghai Pudong Airport passengers have the following services available: 

        - Currency Exchange
        - Restaurants and bars
        - Shops
        - Duty Free
        - SPD Bank
        - ATMs
        - Assistance for passengers with special needs
        - Police Department
        - Vending Machines


        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Shanghai炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 is located in the central coast of China. It is the biggest city in the country and an important financial center in the world. It was an important coastal point in the colonial period. 

        Shanghai has a mix of both ancient, imperial attractions and modern ones. 

        While in Shaghai, you can’t miss a stroll through the 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Bund炉石传说圣骑士皮肤, from where you can see the classic skyline of the city, or visiting 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Oriental Tower of Pearl TV炉石传说圣骑士皮肤, 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Yu Garden炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 is also worth it. 

        Enrolling in a 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Huangpu River cruise炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 is really interesting too and also visiting the famous 炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Nanjing Road炉石传说圣骑士皮肤, full of retailers, a key location for the more cosmopolitans.



        - Terminal 1: +86 (21) 68340096

        - Terminal 2: +86 (21) 68340417

        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤 lostandfound@shairport.com


        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤Address炉石传说圣骑士皮肤: 18 Xinjinqiao Road, Pudong District, Shanghai 2012016, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA

        炉石传说圣骑士皮肤: +86 68347575 | +86 21 96990

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